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Hello lovelies! First of all, I would like to thank you for reading our blog! It means a lot to us! There have been two events that I have been dying to share with you! The first event was Charlotte’s Fashion Week during September 19th-24th. For those of you who might wonder what type of fashion sense we have here in Charlotte, let me reassure you that the residents here are not only fashion forward but are very open-minded too! I did get to meet some of the designers and models in the midst of the show and they gave me food for thought: Charlotte is emerging in various industries, so why not let fashion be one of those industries too?! Please visit for pics and more information on this years events.

The other event I went to was a political forum. This forum truly educated me on the candidates for this upcoming election and the current issues we are facing here in Charlotte. No, this wasn’t exactly a  fashion or beauty event but isn’t being educated on what’s going on around you fashionable? I encourage all of you to check out to get informed!

Stay tuned for more events, and as always…Stay Fabulous!


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