The Best Foundation You Will Ever Have! Appreciate the Skin You’re in,Literally

Hey Beauties. I am finally back …. Yes I know. For the millionth time. Lol. Smh. Getting back on topic, I am coming to you with my new skincare regime. I have to say I haven’t always been one to really be 100% when it came to my skin. Sure I have been going to the dermatologist since I was in high school or maybe younger battling with sensitive, oily, combination and acne loved skin. I have tried drugstore and prescriptions products alike and some worked for a period until they didn’t or they just didn’t. I had been on Youtube and seen a few fellow divas talking about their experience with Mario Badescu products. I have to admit, though intrigued, I waited a few weeks before running to Ulta and picking up some products. As an artist its super important to me to have skin that you can manage. It doesn’t matter what type of products you use to set that makeup if that skin isn’t right, I would strongly suggest working on a routine to make sure you are at your best.


Hopes this helps beauties. And no worries. I will definitely let you know about the products I picked up and how well or not so well they have reacted with my skin.



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